Roscommon Holiday

Entertainment in the
town of Roscommon, Ireland

Roscommon is home to a number of lively and very well furnished taverns. Pubs are in abundance inside and outside of the town, so there is no shortage of opportunities to socialise in the local area.

Many bars in the town are host to a number of local bands, which attracts a sizeable number of people. Many of these premises are attractive, spacious and gather many groups of people looking to drink, dance, chat and play pool. These establishments are also quite close to one another, given the town's relatively small size, so moving about is easy and safe at night.

Those who prefer a quieter or more relaxed social experience can resort to many of the bars in the villages and towns around the countryside. While some can still attract a decent amount of people at night, there are many that can appeal to families or young couples thanks to their smaller sizes and more reclusive locations.

Roscommon also has its fair share of restaurants, ranging from small cafes to high-quality establishments that serve delicious food to their regulars. The town is an excellent location for families looking for a meal out. If you just need a quick bite to eat, multiple cafes and fast food restaurants are in the vicinity, and the endearing atmospheres of these establishments are just as praiseworthy as the food they cook.

Places to eat in Roscommon

  • Gleeson’s Townhouse & Restaurant - Restored 19th century building now used for providing food and accommodation. Located in Market Square.
  • Jackson’s Restaurant & Guesthouse - Lavish guesthouse that also serves a variety of European, Mediterranean and Irish food. Located in The Square.
  • The Abbey Hotel - Attractive and well furnished four star hotel that is located in Abbeytown on the Galway Road.
  • The Yew Tree - A quiet, yet charming restaurant located in Lecarrow near the N61.

Places to go out in Roscommon

  • Charlie’s Bar - Located on Church Street. Good for playing pool and music.
  • The Coachman’s Inn - Located on Castle Street. Great spot for music and social gatherings.
  • JJ Harlows - Modern bar in the Square. Well known for its live music.
  • The Hollywood Bar - Another bar on Castle Street. Very popular spot that can fetch a fair crowd on the weekends.
  • Regans - Located in The Square. Good spot for young people looking for food and drink on the weekends.
  • Rockford’s and Jack’s Live Venue - Roscommon’s sole nightclub. Can be found down the road on Castle Street.